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CTR Expands and Re-locates

In 2007 – CTR Supply opened a new showroom and relocated the offices to 530 RT 764, Duncansville, PA

After years of gradual growth in the gas fireplace and space heater retail sales field the company expanded its interest in the market.

C.T.R. Supply, Inc. is a dealer for Marquis fireplaces and stoves for Empire Comfort Systems fireplaces and stoves, Marquis direct vent fireplaces and inserts in natural gas and propane.

C.T.R. Supply, Inc. recently has added an outdoor line including gas grills, fire tables, fireplaces and furniture.

C.T.R. Supply, Inc. sells retail for Empire Comfort Systems. We have many of the units in the showroom with live burning displays.

C.T.R. Supply, Inc. carries one of the areas largest selection of gas grill parts and accessories. We have burners and cooking grids for most grills.



C.T.R. Supply currently serves about 1,600 residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers with propane service in Central Pennsylvania.  We purchase propane from a major supplier which helps insure supply even in the coldest winter.

CTR Believes in Community Involvement.  We donate propane to many civic and church organizations for fundraisers.

CTR believes that local businesses should make a positive impact on the local community. To give back to the community.

Serving Central Pennsylvania for Over 50 Years

CTR began as a Pyrofax Gas Dealer in Martinsburg in the mid-1940s. Owned and operated by K.R. Miller and John Bolger, the dealership was a cylinder exchange home delivery business until 1961.

CTR Gets its Name in 1973

When William Collins, Robert Tatar, and John Riblet bought the dealership in 1973, the CTR name was born. The CTR name is still going strong over a quarter of a century later!

Delivering Bulk Propane Since 1961

CTR is not new to bulk propane delivery. In 1961, Pyrofax built a bulk plant between Duncansville and Newry on Route 220. The business served Blair, Bedford, and Huntingdon Counties until the dealership was sold in 1973.

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